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You can create a Subscription for any Insight or Dashboard in PostHog to receive regular reports.

Subscriptions Overview

From any Insight or Dashboard, you can create and manage subscriptions via the dropdown menu at the top right.

New Subscription Button

Email Subscriptions

🚧 For Self-hosted plans, you need to have configured the SMTP Email settings in instance settings.

When configuring an Email Subscription you can subscribe multiple emails at once, whether they are a member of your PostHog team or not. Once saved, any email addresses not already subscribed will receive a notification email informing them what you have subscribed them to. You can optionally include a small personalised message that will be sent along to them.

Slack Subscriptions

🚧 For Self-hosted plans, you need to have configured the Slack App in instance settings.

You can configure a subscription to be sent to any Slack channel in your workspace that the PostHog Slack App has access to. With the PostHog Slack App installed you can then select from any channel that the PostHog App is added to. Private channels will only be listed if you have already added PostHog to the relevant channel.

Important! You must remember to invite the PostHog app to the relevant Slack channel so that it is able to send messages

Slack channel selection

If you have not already configured the PostHog Slack App you will be prompted to do so.

Add to Slack button


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