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  • Visualize traffic with user paths

Visualize traffic with user paths

Set start and end points

Find out where your users went, or how they got to a certain point.

Advanced customization

View any sequence of pageviews, screenviews or events, with up to 20 steps and powerful filtering.

Step insights

Identify the average time it takes users to complete a step, and the drop-off rate in between each. Identify the specific users that got to each step.

User paths tutorials

  • Yakko Majuri
  • Andy Vandervell
  • Phil Leggetter
“I look at our top-performing website pages, such as tutorials, blog and pricing pages. Our team has built a schedule around this so we are always shifting focus throughout the website and continuing to improve.”
Anubhuti MishraUI/UX Designer at Hasura

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