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PostHog vs...
Conversion funnels
Historical trends
Time to convert insights
Sequential step order
Strict step order
Any step order
Exclusion events
Conversion windows
Reveal user paths between steps
Anomaly detection
Filter internal and test users
Filter by cohort
Filter by user property
Breakdown by user property
Correlation analysis
Path analysis 
Reveal paths from a start point
Reveal paths from an end point
Reveal paths between points
Reveal paths within funnels
Zoom in/out
Define number of users on path
Track pageviews
Track custom events
Filter internal and test users
Filter by cohort
Filter by events or user property
Include and exclude Wildcards
Exclusion events
Hide repeating steps
Regex for path cleaning
Max number of steps50120+102020
User-level permissions
Project-level permissions
Dashboard-level permissions
Share dashboards externally
Embed dashboards anywhere
Subscribe to dashboards
Pinned dashboards
Dashboard & insight tags
Private insights
Apps / Integrations70+50+40+40+50+

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