Product Features

To watch a demo video showcasing some of our main features, scroll over to Features Demo Video.

Below is a table of PostHog features and how this compares with the functionality in common alternatives.

Feature PostHog Amplitude Mixpanel Heap
Self Hosted
Managed Hosting
In-App Events Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Data Visualisation
Cohort Analysis ✔*
Funnel Analysis
Push Notifications
Retention Tracking
User Engagement Tracking ✔*
Revenue Tracking
Data Import
Data Export
External Integrations ✔*
Keyword (UTM) Tracking
Email Link Tracking
Multi User
A/B Testing
Direct SQL Access
Full Data History

* Full parity has not been achieved for this feature yet. You can follow our progress through our public roadmap.

Features Demo Video

For video notes marking when each feature is showcased, watch the video on YouTube.