Enabling plugins

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Plugin server is offline

If the plugin server is offline, you need to update your PostHog deployment and/or manually start the plugin server.


When you update to the latest version of PostHog, the plugin server should start automatically.

If it doesn't you need to make sure that a worker dyno is running. You have the choice to enable any of the following dyno types:

  • celeryworker - runs celery, the default background worker
  • pluginworker - runs posthog-plugin-server
  • worker - contains both celeryworker and pluginworker inside one dyno

You must have both the celery and plugin workers running for PostHog to function properly. You can either launch and scale them in separate dynos or run the default worker dyno, which includes both of them.

AWS CloudFormation

Please upgrade to the latest CloudFormation config that combines all background workers into one task and activates the plugin server.

Previously we had separate tasks for worker-beat and worker-celery. In the latest version there is just one worker that starts all three services: celery, celery-beat and plugins.


Please upgrade to at least version 1.4.0 of the PostHog helm chart to add the plugins deployment.


You must run the bin/plugin-server script to start the plugin server.

In case your deployment runs bin/docker-worker, the plugin server is started automatically.

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