Message formatting

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Message formatting works the same way whether you are using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Discord.

Tokens are in the format [].

Message format can be customised when editing/creating an Action.


By default, the message format is

[] was triggered by [].



Allowed properties

  • name: name of triggered action with link.


Allowed properties

  • name: name of the event which triggered the Action with link.
Accessing event properties

You can also access any property on the event that triggered the webhook by using

This can be a property set by PostHog, such as, and it can also use any custom properties you set, like

If a property does not exist on the event, the webhook message will say undefined for the property.

For example, the followijg message format:

[] triggered [] from []

Would yield the a message like the one below, if the property country is not set on the event:

John Doe triggered Pageview from undefined


Allowed properties

  • name: user's username, email, or distinct ID depending on availability.
  • ip: IP address used by user when the action was triggered.
  • os: user's Operating System.
  • browser: user's Web Browser.
  • browser_version: version of user's Web Browser.
  • host: URL of PostHog instance user connected via.
  • time: timestamp of Event.
  • pathname: HREF path Action was triggered on.
  • device_id: ID of user's device.
  • screen_width: width of user's screen.
  • screen_height: height of user's screen.
  • initial_referrer: domain user visited before Event ($direct for direct visits).

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