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What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a full-featured marketing and CRM platform which includes tools for everything from managing inbound leads to building landing pages. As one of the world’s most popular CRM platforms, Hubspot is an essential PostHog integration for many organizations — and is especially popular with marketing teams.

What does the Hubspot Connector do?

The Hubspot Connector for PostHog sends data from PostHog to Hubspot whenever an $identify event occurs. That is, whenever PostHog successfully identifies a user. This is useful for syncing customer information between both PostHog and Hubspot.

What are the requirements for this app?

The Hubspot Connector requires either PostHog Cloud, or a self-hosted PostHog instance running version 1.30.0 or later.

Not running 1.30.0? Find out how to update your self-hosted PostHog deployment!

You'll also need a Hubspot account to connect to.

What information can I push to Hubspot from PostHog?

Currently, this integration supports sending the following data to Hubspot:

  • Email addresses
  • First names
  • Last names
  • Phone numbers
  • Company names
  • Company website URLs

This information can be sent whenever an $identify event occurs in PostHog.

No other information can currently be sent to PostHog using this app. If this app exists in a chain where the above information would be filtered out (for example, by using the Property Filter app) then filtered information cannot be sent to Hubspot.


Hubspot Access Token
Type: string
Required: True
Can be acquired under Profile Preferences -> Integrations -> Private Apps
Triggering events
Type: string
Required: True
A comma-separated list of PostHog events you want to trigger Contact creation in HubSpot. By default, we recommend using the $identify event.
Additional PostHog to HubSpot property mappings
Type: string
Required: False
A mapping of additional PostHog event or person properties to map to newly created Hubspot Contacts. Provide a comma-separated mapping of: personPropertyName:hubSpotPropertyName
Email domains to skip
Type: string
Required: False
A comma-separated list of email domains to ignore and not create contacts for in Hubspot.
PostHog Instance
Type: string
Required: True
The PostHog instance URL you want Hubspot Scores synced into. Required to sync Hubspot contact scores into PostHog Persons.
PostHog API Key
Type: string
Required: False
An API key used to access the PostHog API. Note that this is not the same as the Project API key
Project API Key
Type: string
Required: False
Project API key for the current project
Debug Mode
Type: choice
Required: True
If run in debug mode, run each minute and ignore cache. Do not use this in production, only for debugging

How do I install the Hubspot app on PostHog?

  1. Log in to your PostHog instance
  2. Click 'Apps' on the left-hand tool bar
  3. Search for 'Hubspot'
  4. Select the app, press 'Install' and follow the on-screen instructions

Is the source code for this app available?

PostHog is open-source and so are all apps on the platform. The source code for the Hubspot Connector is available on GitHub.

Who created this app?

A lot of people contributed to this app! We'd like to thank...

For creating the Hubspot Connector for PostHog. Thanks, all!

Who maintains this app?

This app is maintained by PostHog. If you have issues with the app not functioning as intended, please raise a bug report to let us know!

What if I have feedback on this app?

We love feature requests and feedback! Please create an issue to tell us what you think.

What if my question isn't answered above?

We love answering questions. Ask us anything via our Support page.

You can also join the PostHog Community Slack group to collaborate with others and get advice on developing your own PostHog apps.


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