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🚧 Note: New installs of this destination are currently disabled as we develop our new batch export and webhook functionalities. Support their development and follow along on the linked issues.

The Airbyte export sends data from PostHog, to Airbyte. It supports both Full Refresh and Incremental syncs. You can choose if it copies only the new or updated event data, or all rows in the tables and columns you set up for replication, every time a sync is run.


Using this requires either PostHog Cloud with the data pipeline add-on, or a self-hosted PostHog instance running version 1.30.0 or later.

Self-hosting and not running 1.30.0? Find out how to update your self-hosted PostHog deployment.

Getting started

The Airbyte export is an API integration. You will need to get a PostHog Personal API key in order to connect Airbyte as a data destination.

Output schema

This destination is capable of syncing the following streams:

  • Annotations
  • Cohorts
  • Events
  • FeatureFlags
  • Insights
  • InsightsPath
  • InsightsSessions
  • Persons
  • Trends

For more info, please check Airbyte's integration documentation.


Where can I find out more?

Check PostHog's API documentation for more information on pulling and pushing data from/to our API. Further information is available in Airbyte's integration documentation.

Who maintains this destination?

This destination is maintained by Airbyte. For more information, check Airbyte's integration documentation.

What if I have feedback on this destination?

We love feature requests and feedback. Please tell us what you think..

What if my question isn't answered above?

We love answering questions. Ask us anything via our community forum.


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