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Site apps

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Looking to filter, transform, or export data in PostHog? Check out our data pipeline docs for all the details.

Site apps enable you easily add functionality to your site without extra code. They are injected through the posthog-js library or snippet and can be used to show content or banners on your site.

Enabling apps

Head to 'Data pipelines' -> 'Apps' on the left sidebar in the PostHog app. Here you can install official PostHog apps.

If you're self-hosting, you can install a custom app by pasting a link to its public repository, or write your own app directly in PostHog.

Building a site app

Read our tutorial on how to build a site app.

If you want to build a destination, transformation, or filter, see the our data pipeline docs.

Self-host app troubleshooting

If you're having issues getting apps to work on your self-hosted instance of PostHog, check out our troubleshooting guide.


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