Google Pub/Sub

Google Pub/Sub

Harness the power of Google data subscription platform by sending PostHog events to a Pub/Sub topic for distribution.

Enable one-to-many

Need to send event data many places at once? Send it to Pub/Sub and set up subscriptions for other users and services.

Stream it your way

Use BigQuery? Process PostHog events in-order, or in-any-order and send them straight to BigQuery using Google Dataflow.

Send data anywhere

Tired of routing data the hard way? Simplify distribution by letting Pub/Sub handle subscriptions and data delivery.

“We've written our own Pub/Sub app where each event is published to Google Cloud Pub/Sub as it's processed, enabling us to hook into events. PostHog has replaced Snowplow for us as a result!”
Jesse RedlStaff Engineer, Vendasta

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