A Bit About Us

PostHog provides open-source, developer-friendly, and feature-rich product analytics.

A part of Y Combinator's W20 cohort, we launched in February 2020 and had the most succesful B2B software launch on HackerNews since 2012.

Our GitHub repo has over over 2.8k stars (and growing fast), and we already have thousands of users, including deployments at large companies.

We're backed by some of the world's top investors and believe in product-led growth, where we build something awesome and let our product bring the users, rather than a sales team and regular cold calls.

Our Culture

As a young company, our culture is still being polished by our growing team, and, as one of our first hires, you'll play an important role in shaping it.

However, there are some things we've already established as our core values:

All Remote

We are fully remote and hire anywhere in the world. After all, why limit your talent pool? If you're a fit, we want you on board.

Currently, no two PostHog members live in the same city, not even our co-founders! But don't worry, we'll still hire you even if you do share a city with a team member.


Being fully remote means we're able to create a team that is truly diverse.

In our view, a non-traditional team is how we build a special company. We believe diversity leads to the best results and encourage applicants from any background or experience to drop us a note.

Furthermore, to ensure we can support the needs of our diverse team well, we offer unlimited time off (minimum 20 days!), don't track hours (work hard when you work), and offer generous parental leave independent of gender.


As the builders of an open-source product, we believe it is only right that we be as transparent as possible as a company.

And this isn't just a meaningless corporate statement. Most of our communication happens publicly on GitHub, our roadmap is open for anyone to see, and this website hosts a comprehensive handbook explaining anything from how we hire and pay employees to how we email investors!

We're committed to much more than just public code.

Written Communication

We're an all-remote company that allows people to work from almost anywhere in the world. With team members across several countries, it's important for us to practice clear communication in ways that help us stay connected and work more efficiently.

To accomplish this, we use asynchronous communication as a starting point and stay as open and transparent as we can by communicating through public issues, pull requests, and (minimally) Slack.

Putting things in writing helps us clarify our own ideas, as well as allow others to provide better feedback. It has been key to our development and growth.

Our Backers

We're young, but we're already backed by many of the best investors in the world and have raised millions of dollars in funding.

This includes YCombinator, Solomon Hykes (Founder of Docker), David Cramer (Founder/CEO of Sentry), Adam Goldstein (Founder of Hipmunk), and many more!

A Fair Hiring Process

What we truly care about is how well you can contribute, as well as how good of a fit you are for the role. As such, the best way to establish this is by getting you to work with us!

Following a few calls with our founders and team, if we think you're a good fit, we'll hire you as a contractor for 1-5 days to do some work with us. You will get paid normal contracting rates (i.e. above what your pro rata salary would be per day) and work on some real needs we have at PostHog.

This way, you'll get a chance to see how we work, and we'll get a chance to see how you work in normal working conditions (rather than a stressful timed problem solving interview). And you'll be getting paid what you deserve.

Open Roles

Fullstack Engineer

Your Role

As an early engineer (we currently have a team of 5 in total), you'll be key to building a lot of the core functionality of PostHog. We encourage you to take a look at our repo (issues and PRs) to see the types of things you'd be doing.

We're looking for people who are proactive and are ridiculously quick at getting new features out, while writing test and generally maintaining a clean codebase.

Hiring Process

  • You'll have a 30 minute phone-call with our CTO Tim
  • You'll meet our CEO James
  • Quick chat with one of the team members
  • We'll pay you normal contracting rates for 3 days to do some work on PostHog. This will give you a chance to learn how we'd work with you, and for us to see how you work. You'll also end up with some open-source contributions.
  • We make a decision with you.

How to Apply

Email a thoughtful cover letter to [email protected]. A good cover letter includes:

  • What makes you a great early engineer
  • Relevant experience/projects you've done (including links if possible)
  • Links to your GitHub / LinkedIn / resume (optional)
  • What you like/dislike about PostHog
  • How you found us

Growth Engineer


PostHog is focussed on growth. We want to find an engineer who can help us achieve exactly that - it's up to you to work out how to do this with us. It could mean building "team" type functionality, creating our payment flow, or it could mean creating a swag deployment system!

We are huge advocates of product-led growth. We already have a lot of organic growth, demonstrating a good level of product market fit, but we are looking for someone to take us to the next level.

What We're Looking For

Table stakes is that you are a developer who can rapidly execute tactics to enable PostHog to grow as quickly as possible.

A great candidate loves taking initiative and is very happy thinking of and doing non scalable stuff to optimize for spee of learning.

You need to have great ideas and the ability to execute our 'AARRR':

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

The role will be very demanding with a lot of autonomy. We are here to support you fully in this and we embrace an experimentation mindset.

How to Apply

Email a short but thoughtful cover letter to [email protected]. A good cover letter includes:

  • Why you'd be a great fit for us
  • A couple of ideas on how you'd approach growth for us
  • Examples of the results you achieved for another early stage startup

Hiring Process

  • You'll have a 30 minute Zoom with our CEO James
  • You'll have a 30 minute Zoom with our CTO Tim
  • You'll chat with one of our team members
  • We'll pay you normal contracting rates for a short period to do some work on PostHog with us. This will give you a chance to learn how we'd work with you, and for us to see how you work.
  • We make a decision with you.