Data Warehouse Team

Data Warehouse Team

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Get data warehouse released to everyone

  • Key Results:
    • Integration first experience
      • Schemas need to work reliably
      • The modeling of each of our integrations is solid
      • We have good automatic roll up views and joins
      • Have a wizard to guide people to set this up properly
    • We have a solid pattern to build integrations
    • Complete data warehouse experience in the rest of the app (insights, feature flags, experiments)

James as a Service -> Clickhouse as a Service

  • Key Results:
    • Better visibility
      • Regularly testing backups
      • Monitoring/alerting
      • Mutations
      • Moves
    • Management
      • Managing/killing mutations
    • Self serve
      • Schema design feedback (Jams non blocking)
      • Schema management
    • Automation
      • Replace/Upgrade replicas
        • Upgrading to 24.04
        • Disk configs