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Data Warehouse Team

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Data warehouse enters open beta

For the past few months, we’ve been building an opt-in beta for our data warehouse. Now, we’re ready to support more users and have moved to an open beta.

Our data warehouse enables you to import your business data and analyze it alongside your product data. This is useful if, for example, you want to chart app sign-ups against Stripe revenue, or investigate how retention correlates with account sizes.

You can import data from object stores you control or using integrations we have for platforms such as Stripe, Hubspot, and Postgres.

Our data warehouse will be entirely free to use during the beta period, but we do plan to introduce pricing after it launches into general release. We’ll give anyone on the beta plan a two week warning before pricing rolls out, so they can switch to the free plan if needed.

We’re actively building out features to give you better control of the volume of rows synced and stored. Ready to give it a try? Start syncing or check out the docs.


Get data warehouse released to everyone

  • Key Results:
    • Integration first experience
      • Schemas need to work reliably
      • The modeling of each of our integrations is solid
      • We have good automatic roll up views and joins
      • Have a wizard to guide people to set this up properly
    • We have a solid pattern to build integrations
    • Complete data warehouse experience in the rest of the app (insights, feature flags, experiments)