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Access control in PostHog for Enterprise

Extra security, compliance, and data management tools

(Plus proactive support for your PostHog instance, and for your teams using PostHog)


Configure PostHog to meet your security and data policies with granular controls over authentication and user data

  • Project permissions


PostHog encrypts data and can be hosted on-premise, eliminating the extra steps involved in bringing on a new third party sub-processor. User data controls make it easy to comply with GDPR rules.

  • GDPR
  • SOC II

Data management

We’ll help you configure your data and backups to control cost, while making sure you retain the data you need.

  • Configurable backups
  • Custom data retention


With direct support from PostHog engineers, our success team will make sure your team accomplishes your objectives - not just when you start using PostHog, but on an ongoing basis.

  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Assisted dashboard configuration
  • Team training
  • Monitoring setup support


Proactive assistance from PostHog engineers makes sure your PostHog instance is reliable, secure, and up to date.

  • Instance monitoring
  • Infrastructure management pairing
  • Assisted upgrades
  • SLA w/ downtime developer pairing