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About PostHog

PostHog is the open-source Product OS - it's a suite of product and data tools, built on the modern data stack. We provide product analytics, session recording, feature flags, A/B testing, event pipelines, and a data warehouse. PostHog can be deployed to the cloud, or self-hosted on existing infrastructure, removing the need to send user data to a 3rd party.

PostHog was created as an open-source project during Y Combinator's W20 cohort and had the most successful B2B software launch on HackerNews since 2012 - with a product that was just 4 weeks old. Since then, more than 10,000 companies have installed the platform, we've had huge success with our paid upgrades, and we have raised $27m from some of the world's top investors, and have shown strong product-led growth - 97% driven by word of mouth. Despite the 📉 tech market, we're default alive and doing better than ever!

We've been averaging >20% monthly revenue growth and we didn't raise a huge / now-overpriced round in 2021. While others are focused on layoffs and struggling to grow into huge valuations, we're focusing on an awesome product for end users, hiring (a handful of) exceptional team members, and seeing fantastic increases in revenue as a result.

About our Marketing team:

  • We have loads of awesome stuff to write content about.

  • We value depth over volume - if you want to spend 2 weeks writing a really in-depth guide, go for it!

  • You'll have tons of autonomy to decide what to write about, but also the support of our Marketing team and paid ads agency to give you insights.

  • We have a super-engaged developer community which you'll be creating content for.

We're only just getting started - our Marketing team is just 4 people but has an outsized impact.

What you’ll be doing

  • Creating top-of-funnel product-focused content marketing such as blog posts and tutorials that attract new developers to PostHog.

  • Working with our marketing, product, and engineering teams to turn new features into innovative and timely content ideas. You'll manage content production from start to finish.

  • Growing and maintaining our content schedule around user personas and segments.

  • Analyzing how your content performs (using PostHog!) and deciding how to adjust our content strategy accordingly.

Here is some recent content the team has written:


  • You've written engaging top-of-funnel content for developers.

  • You'll need to have experience doing software development, but this doesn't need to have been in a formal role.

  • You have excellent writing, research, and communication skills.

  • You come up with interesting and timely content ideas - you're not just interested in cranking out the same stuff as everyone else.

Nice to have

  • You have another string to your bow - maybe you've dabbled in video content creation or social media


We have a set system for compensation as part of being transparent. Salary varies based on location and level of experience.

Learn more about compensation

Location (based on market rates)

The benchmark for each role we are hiring for is based on the market rate in San Francisco.


We pay more experienced team members a greater amount since it is reasonable to expect this correlates with an increase in skill


We hire into the Established step by default and believe there's a place to have incremental steps to allow for more flexibility.

Base salary

$224,200 - $245,440 plus equity


  • Generous, transparent compensation & equityGenerous, transparent compensation & equity
  • Unlimited vacation (with a minimum!)Unlimited vacation (with a minimum!)
  • Two meeting-free days per weekTwo meeting-free days per week
  • Home officeHome office
  • Coworking CreditCoworking Credit
  • Medical, Dental and Vision InsuranceMedical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Training budgetTraining budget
  • Access to our Hedge HouseAccess to our Hedge House
  • Carbon offsettingCarbon offsetting
  • 401k/pension contributions401k/pension contributions
  • Spill mental health chatSpill mental health chat
  • Company offsitesCompany offsites

Get more details about all our benefits on the Careers page.

Your team's mission and objectives

Increase the number of ICP visitors to our website

  • Objective:

    • Expand PostHog’s top of funnel awareness across all our core individual products - product analytics, session recording, feature flags, and A/B testing.
  • Key Results:

    • Increase overall weekly website traffic to 27k unique visitors per week (filtering out viral spikes).
    • Increase ‘first user in org’ signups to 600 per week without decreasing the percentage that are ICPs (20-25%).
    • Make Tutorials our 3rd most visited section (after Docs and Blogs)
    • Increase number of subscribers to Product for Engineers to 1,500
    • Get 200 orgs to sign up to the startup deal
    • Increase 28 day YouTube watch time to 227 hours
  • Rationale:

    • We frequently get brand mentions where people are saying ‘Amplitude, Mixpanel or PostHog’. We want them to also say things like ‘LaunchDarkly or PostHog’, ‘FullStory or PostHog’, and 'Optimizely or PostHog'.
    • While SEO remains very important to us, we want to diversify our audience slightly so we are not so dependent on it as a single channel as a defensive move, especially if there are AI-related changes to search in future. Building things like our newsletter, YouTube channel, and our startup community will help us do this.
    • While tutorials often do not drive top of funnel awareness for people who have never heard of PostHog, they will help drive awareness of other products once users are signed up to PostHog.
  • Anti-goals

    • Trying a new channel. Working on community. Working with developer influencers. TikTok.

Interview process

We do 2-3 short interviews, then pay you to do some real-life (or close to real-life) work.

  • 1
    Application(You are here)

    Our talent team will review your application to see how your skills and experience align with our needs.

  • 2
    Culture interview30-min video call

    Our goal is to explore your motivations to join our team, learn why you’d be a great fit, and answer questions about us.

  • 3
    Technical interview45 minutes, varies by role

    You'll meet the hiring team who will evaluate skills needed to be successful in your role. No live coding.

  • 4
    PostHog SuperDayPaid day of work

    You’ll join a standup, meet the team, and work on a task related to your role, offering a realistic view of what it’s like working at PostHog.

  • 5
    OfferPop the champagne (after you sign)

    If everyone’s happy, we’ll make you an offer to join us - YAY!


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