We've decided to make less money: We've slashed our pricing for session replay. They're now more than 50% cheaper for most customers.
Session replay

Watch how users experience your app

Session replay helps diagnose issues and understand user behavior in your product or website.

Screenshot of Session Replay in PostHog
  • improved conversion rates by 10-20%

    "We wouldn't have noticed that needed fixing without PostHog's session replays."

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  • uses replays and surveys when testing ideas

    "We watch lots of replays when testing a feature, and love how easy it is to launch surveys."

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  • reduced back-and-forth in community support

    "Session replay in PostHog is so much better than Smartlook, which we used to use."

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  • improved registrations by 20-30%

    "We've improved our whole onboarding flow by about 5% too, which is great."

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  • Event timeline

    History of everything that happened in a user's session

  • Console logs

    Debug issues faster by browsing the user's console

  • Network monitor

    Analyze performance and network calls

  • Capture sessions without extra code

    Works with PostHog.js

  • Automatic playlists

    Filter by user behavior or time

  • Web or mobile session recording

    Web or Android (beta) available

  • Download recordings

    Retain recordings beyond data retention limits

  • Block sensitive data

    Disable capturing data from any DOM element with CSS

Usage-based pricing

Use session replay free. Or enter a credit card for advanced features. Either way, your first 5,000 recordings are free – every month.


No credit card required

All other plans

All features, no limitations





Web recordings
Android recordings



iOS recordings



Console logs
Recording playlists

5 playlists

Network performance on recordings
Network monitor
Download recording files
Not included
Data retention

1 month

3 months

Block sensitive data
Share and embed
Event timeline
Filter person properties
Filter events
DOM Explorer
Sample recorded sessions
Minimum duration
Record via feature flag

Monthly pricing

First 5k recordings


PostHog vs...

Single-page app support
iOS recordings
Android recordings
Identity detection
Target recordings by URL
Target by sample size
Filter recordings by user or event
Rage-click detection
Privacy masking for sensitive content
Export recordings
Recording retention policy
1 month
12 months
24 months
1 month
Up to 3 months

So, what's best for you?

Reasons a competitor may be best for you (for now...)

  • You need heatmaps or scrollmaps
    • PostHog is currently limited to clickmaps
  • Error tracking and alerting
  • Mobile SDKs (in progress...)

Reasons to choose

  • Interlinking with feature flags and insights
    • Jump between them easily
  • Collaboration, sharing, and embedding exporting recordings
  • No limits on how many recordings captured

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Featured tutorials

Visit the tutorials section for more.

  • How to use session replays to get a deeper understanding of user behavior

    In this tutorial, we focus on the connections session replays have with insights and visualizations. These connections enable deeper exploration and understanding of user behavior.

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  • How to use filters + session replays to understand user friction

    We’ll explain how to use PostHog’s various filters and features to find relevant session replays quickly.

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  • How to only record the sessions you want

    As you scale, the number of recordings can go beyond what you need. Use PostHog’s configuration options to only record the sessions you want.

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  • Improve web app performance using PostHog session replays

    Learn the important metrics for measuring page load speed and how to identify opportunities to improve performance.

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Install & customize

Here are some ways you can fine tune how you implement session replay.

Explore the docs

Get a more technical overview of how everything works in our docs.

Meet the team

PostHog works in small teams. The Replay team is responsible for building session replay.

(Shockingly, this team prefers their pizza without pineapple.)

Roadmap & changelog

Here’s what the team is up to.

Latest update

Jul 2024

New session replay filters

David has been hard at work this week on improving the previously cluttered and clumsy system for filtering session replays. His new version, which is available now, simplifies filters down to a single '+ Add filter' button and uses a set of replay-specific filters for common use cases.

In addition to making it quicker and simpler to add filters, the new system also gives you much more flexibility around using AND / OR conditions. But, most importantly, it's also prettier.

Up next

  • Android session recording

    There are many recording tools out there for web and different tools for mobile -- but few for both. So, we are considering a mobile recording solution for Android devices.

    Project updates

    No updates yet. Engineers are currently hard at work, so check back soon!

  • iOS session recording

    There are many recording tools out there for web and different tools for mobile -- but few for both. So, we are considering a mobile recording solution for iOS devices.

    Project updates

    No updates yet. Engineers are currently hard at work, so check back soon!

  • Error tracking

    We've seen multiple user signals that error tracking is a tool people want within PostHog. Network response status and speed, Errors, Events, and Replay overlap to give a full picture of what's happening in the user's app.

    The basics would be:

    • Exception autocapture in posthog-js
    • Users being able to do everything with errors that they expect to do with events - export them, react to them, query them, etc
    • Grouping of errors in the UI
    • Stack trace un-minifying / source map uploading
    • An error overview page
    • Having an errors tab on each person and organization page
    • Doing analytics on errors
    • Error notifications

    If you have any feedback, feature requests or would like to be an early user, please email paul at you guessed it.

    Project updates

    No updates yet. Engineers are currently hard at work, so check back soon!


See more questions (or ask your own!) in our community forums.

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