How to control which sessions you record

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If you want control over which sessions to record:

  1. Set disable_session_recording: true in your config.

  2. Manually start recording by calling posthog.startSessionRecording(). Similarly, you can stop the recording at any point by calling posthog.stopSessionRecording().

You can then achieve even finer control by combining the above methods with feature flags. This enables you to control session recordings based on user or group properties. You can also use feature flags to capture a percentage of all sessions.

For example:

posthog.init('<ph_project_api_key>', {
api_host: '<ph_instance_address>',
disable_session_recording: true,
// ... other options
posthog.onFeatureFlags(function () {
if (posthog.isFeatureEnabled('your-feature-flag')) {

For more examples of controlling which sessions you record, see our tutorial on how to only record the sessions you want.


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