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Iframe recording

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PostHog can record iframes embedded in your website as long as:

  1. ✅ The embedded iframe is from the same domain as the main page (e.g. https://posthog.com embeds https://posthog.com/iframe)

  2. ✅ The embedded iframe is from a domain that you can install posthog-js, add the recordCrossOriginIframes configuration option, and set the correct content security policy (e.g. https://posthog.com embeds https://app.posthog.com/iframe or https://dictatorortechbro.com/)

PostHog cannot record iframes embedded in your website if:

  • ❌ The embedded iframe is from a domain that is not under your control (e.g. https://posthog.com embeds https://google.com/iframe)

Recording same-origin iframes

If the iframe is from the same domain as the main page, there is no special setup needed. As long as PostHog is installed on both the parent page and the iframe, the recording will work as expected.

Recording cross-origin iframes

🚧 Security warning: Before enabling the cross-origin recording, be aware that when using an iframe that communicates with the parent page, there are potential security risks. Ensure your Content Security Policy (CSP) only permits trusted domains and correctly employs directives like frame-src or frame-ancestors. Failure to do so can lead to security breaches where an attacker would embed your website on their domain, gaining access to the recorded content. If unsure about CSP configurations, consult your security team or reach out to PostHog support.

To record from a cross-origin iframe:

  1. Ensure that posthog-js is installed on both the parent domain and the iframe one.

  2. Make sure both domains are authorized domains for recordings.

  3. Initialize PostHog on both domains with an explicit configuration as below:

posthog.init('<ph_project_api_key>', {
session_recording: {
// WARNING: Only enable this if you understand the security implications
recordCrossOriginIframes: true,

With this setting enabled, the child iframe will post events to the parent instead, resulting in a single replayable recording. If the parent page does not have this enabled, then the content of the embedded iframe will not be captured at all.


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