Session recording

Grab the popcorn: Play back individual user sessions to watch how users interact with your product.

Understand how users are getting stuck

Debug faster, or build context on analytics performance. Nothing beats watching people use your product for real.

Get to the good stuff, fast

View recordings for users who completed a specific action or event. Watch how specific features are being used, or how bugs came about.

Block sensitive data

Add a CSS class to any element or input field you don’t want sent to PostHog. Avoid recording private data and protect user privacy while still getting the data you need.

“I was watching session recordings for our sign-up page and realized a lot of people were trying to click something that wasn’t actually a button. We wouldn’t have noticed that needed fixing without PostHog’s session recordings.”
Anubhuti MishraUI/UX Designer, Hasura

Session recording documentation

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