A/B testing

PostHog does that.

A/B testing, multivariate testing, and statistical significance

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A/B testing

I'm always trying to find the next experiment to run with PostHog. Every day, I'm checking reports and trying to push the boundaries by testing new hypotheses.

Taric Santos de Andrade

Product Manager, Vendasta

Customizable goals

Set the intended outcome that indicates a successful experiment

  • Goal types

    Choose your preferred outcome between a trend or conversion funnel

  • Secondary metrics

    Track multiple goals or check that your experiment doesn’t have unintended effects elsewhere

  • Statistical significance

    Set the minimum acceptable threshold required to declare a winning variant

Targeting & exclusion rules

Run tests based on user location, user property, cohort, or group. You can also set exclusions to prevent groups of users from being shown an experiment.


Based on your intended goal and level of statistical significance, PostHog can suggest an experiment’s duration, sample size, and confidence in a winning variant during a test.

    • Built on Feature Flags

      All the benefits of feature flags with added functionality around stat-sig experiments

    • JSON payloads

      Modify website content per-variant without additional deployments

    • Split testing

      Automatically split traffic between variants

    • Multivariate testing

      Test up to 9 variants against a control

    • Dynamic cohort support

      Add new users to an experiment automatically by setting a user property

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