Here's what the Feature Success Team is building next.

  • Surveys

    We are building a Surveys product so that you can collect and analyse qualitative data alongside quantitive data.

  • Feature Success Analysis

    Bringing together different parts of PostHog (flags, replay, surveys) to allow users to better analyse the success of a new feature.

  • Users & recordings linked to feature flags

    We want to make it easier for those who use feature flags to get information on users attached to a particular feature flag, and gather more information on those users' experience through session recordings.


The feature success team

Here are the people bringing you feature success.

This team is evenly split on whether pineapple belongs on pizza

  • Neil Kakkar

    Team lead

    Software Engineer

  • Li Yi Yu

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Annika Schmid

    Product Manager

  • Juraj Majerik

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