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Marketing Team

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PostHog becomes a DigitalOcean Hatch partner

We've teamed up with DigitalOcean and joined their Hatch program for startups, meaning that eligible teams in the PostHog for Startups program can now claim an additional $25,000 of DigitalOcean infra credit in addition to the usual benefits.

As a reminder, those usual benefits include $50,000 of PostHog credit, some amazing gifts from our merch store, and an exclusive monthly newsletter with advice for founders.

Teams need to be less than two years old and have raised less than $5M in funding to qualify, but if that's you then you can sign up today!


Increase awareness of PostHog within our ICP and ensure PostHog is a brand that sparks conversation and joy.


Docs that spark joy (Ian)

Rationale: Some of our documentation has fallen behind the product and there are pockets that fall well short of our current standards. This is a reputational risk if left unresolved.

Contributors: Ian, Andy, Lior + product teams

What we'll ship: (WIP)

  • Best practice guides for:
    • Session replay
    • A/B testing
    • Surveys
  • Much better HogQL docs
  • Updates to support pipeline team with their goals
  • Continue expanding web analytics and data warehouse docs as they roll out
  • Update or remove any old/low quality docs
  • Optimize docs index pages for desire paths / FAQs

We'll know we're successful when: Feedback from community / on social that our docs are great, and feedback from product teams.

Drive word of mouth by improving support (Joe)

Rationale: Support processes need optimizing to ensure all users have a great support experience. Good support sparks joy = better word-of-mouth growth.

Contributors: Joe working with Sales & CS team

What we'll ship: See issue

We'll know we're successful when: We're hitting our SLAs and our CSAT has either improved or remained stable. CSAT is currently 96% satisfaction.

Support CS in their sales-led activities (Joe)

Rationale: Sales & CS is changing how it works. There's an opportunity to support Sales in getting larger deals, and to improve processes around how incoming deals work. Deals = Growth.

Contributors: Joe working with Sales & CS team

What we'll ship: See issue

We'll know we're successful when: We're effectively processing deals of all sizes and up/cross-selling users into new features. CS team feel they have everything they need to close 90% of current deals.

Become default analytics tool for new AI startups (Lior)

Rationale: Our strategy is to get in first and AI startups are generally engineering-led, so strongly within our ICP. A significant portion of recent YC batches are AI startups and they have specific needs we need to cater to.

Contributors: Lior

What we'll ship: See issue

We'll know we're successful when: We have 50 customers using the Langfuse integration and strong usage among AI startups in upcoming YC batches.

Finish alternatives guides (Andy)

Rationale: We know these improve visibility and drive signups. We have a long list of guides we can ship and a proven formula we can repeat. Contributors: Andy, Ian, Lior

What we'll ship: See issue

We'll know we're successful when: We've shipped priority guides.

Scale newsletter (James)

Rationale: We've successfully reached 10k subs and people like the newsletter. We think it can be a big driver of word of mouth growth if we can scale it further.

Contributors: James Temperton, Andy, Ian, Lior, James Hawkins.

What we'll ship: (WIP) See issue

  • Transition to 1 new issue per week
  • Improve content promotion on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Trade way more recommendations with other newsletters
  • Get at least 1 new (or old) post to go viral
  • Improve visibility on the website
  • Do more issues that use our network
  • Land a big interview
  • Continue newsletter sponsorships

We'll know we're successful when: We can consistently ship great newsletters every week while maintaining a strong open rate (45% or more) and subscriber growth is accelerating.

Level up branding (Lottie)

Rationale: People love our brand, but it will go stale if don't refresh and create new things that spark joy and conversation.

Contributors: Lottie working with Website & Docs

What we'll ship: See Lottie's issue

We'll know we're successful when: People continue to talk about our brand and sharing the awesome new things we ship.

Hiring plan for marketing team (Charles)

Rationale: Demand on team is rapidly expanding as we launch new products, but this needs to be tempered with hiring correct roles + not over hiring.

Contributors: Charles

What we'll ship: 12-month hiring plan + budget

We'll know we're successful when: We've hired cracked new marketer(s).

Side quests

Metrics we care about

  • New org signups
  • Newsletter signups
  • Organic SEO visits
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