We've decided to make less money: We've slashed our pricing for session replay. They're now more than 50% cheaper for most customers.
Marketing Team

Marketing Team

Some of the marketing team hanging in Austin


Recently shipped

Helicone integration for LLM insights

We've teamed up with Helicone to track metrics for LLM applications. Helicone is an open source solution platform for logging, monitoring, and debugging LLMs.

Combining your Langfuse and PostHog data makes it easy to answer questions like:

  • What are my LLM costs by customer, model, and in total?
  • Which users are consuming the most tokens?
  • How do LLM features affect retention rates?

To get started, view our docs on how to add the Helicone PostHog integration.


Become famous for mobile analytics

  • Rationale: We're well-known for SaaS, but less so for mobile. Open beta of mobile replay is an opportunity to grow.
  • Contributors: All (Owned by Lior)
  • What we'll ship: Issue
  • We'll know we're successful when: When we see accelerating usage of mobile SDKs and word-of-mouth mentions

Side quests

Ongoing but not increasing focus


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