Feature Flags

Roll out features safely. Toggle features for cohorts or individuals to test the impact before rolling out to everyone.

Deliver features safely

Deploy updates behind a feature flag to test it with increasing numbers of users, then rollback easily if there’s an issue.

Multivariate testing

Breakdown our analytics by feature flag variant to understand the impact on performance.

Target on users’ properties, or their behavior

Test changes based on criteria like plan, geography or LTV, or users’ previous behavior.

How do PostHog Feature Flags compare?

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Free plan
Open source
Cloud hosting
Product analytics
Feature Flags 
Target by percentage
Target by user properties
Flag scheduling
Multivariate flags
Unlimited flags for free
3rd party plugins for free
Activity logs
Data export
Multi-environment support

Feature flags tutorials

  • Yakko Majuri
  • Yakko Majuri
  • Neil Kakkar

Feature Flags documentation

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