Scheduled flag changes

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Scheduling feature flag changes allows you to automatically change flag properties at a future point in time. For example, you can schedule an initial release of the flag for internal testing, then enable it to the beta users group 2 days later, and finally roll it out to 100% of the users in 2 weeks.

This is also useful if your releases fall outside normal working hours (for example, a ticket sale starting at midnight).

How to schedule a change:

Follow these steps to schedule a change to a feature flag:

  1. Navigate to the relevant feature flag.
  2. Select the Schedule tab.
  3. Under Change type:
  • Select Change status if you want to enable or disable your flag at the scheduled time
  • Select Add condition if you want to specify the rollout conditions of your flag at the scheduled time
  1. Select the Date and time of your scheduled change from the date picker.
  2. Click Schedule

You can view the scheduled changes in the table at the bottom of the page.

Scheduled flag changes


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