Feature flags

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Safely roll out features to select users or cohorts.

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Feature flags

Feature flags are really, really critical for us and you don’t see them as a feature in other analytics tools. They very valuable though, because you can often use feature flag data to make other product decisions.

Francesco Agosti

CTO & Co-founder, Phantom

Choose who gets access to features

Customize your release strategy based on your goals with release conditions.

  • By percentage of traffic

    Roll out a feature to a percentage of all visitors

  • By user or group properties

    Choose specific people, or allow access by user or group property (like organization or multi-seat account)

  • By cohort

    Cohorts can dynamically update with user properties

Multivariate feature flags

Simultaneously test multiple versions against a control group.

Test changes without touching your codebase

After a feature flag is installed, JSON payloads let you make changes to your product or website without subsequent deployments.

This includes text, visuals, or even entire blocks of code.

Developer-friendly automation

Automate essential tasks to ensure consistency and free up time for creative work.

  • Automated usage reports

    Automatically add insights for each flag, tracking usage overall, or by specific users

  • Automatic IP resolution

    Target feature flags based on country or city without manually figuring out which country a user belongs to

  • Recall user properties by default

    Automatically re-use previously set properties to avoid manually passing them every time

    • History & activity feed

      See who hit a feature flag, the flag’s value, and which page they were on

    • Local evaluation

      Improves speed by caching a flag’s value on initial load

    • Instant rollbacks

      Disable a feature without touching your codebase

    • Bootstrapping

      Get flags and values to trigger changes immediately on page load

    • Persist flags across authentication steps

      Make sure users have a consistent experience after login

    • Flag administration

      See the history of a feature flag or control who can modify flags with user roles

    • SDKs or API

      Copy code snippets for your library of choice, or implement yourself with the API

    • Multi-environment support

      Test flags in local development or staging by using the same flag key across PostHog projects

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