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Send love to open-source projects on Valentine's Day

Feb 08, 2022

Valentine's Day is coming up and we'd like to share our love for the open-source community that helps power PostHog! Here's how:

For every GitHub star we receive on the PostHog repo between now and the end of Valentine's Day, we'll donate $5 USD across four handpicked open-source community contributors.

We'll donate a maximum of $50,000 in total.

Who gets the money?

We're donating to three projects and one open-source developer whose work is used extensively in our website or product.

RrwebRrweb is an open-source web session replay library that supports PostHog's Session Recording feature
Django RESTDRF is the framework for building APIs in Django and the foundation of PostHog's web API
BabelWe use Babel to safely run TypeScript apps in a NodeJS environment
Sindre SorhusSindre is a prolific open-source developer who maintains some of our most-used packages

How does this work?

That's easy. Between now and the end of Valentine's Day, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to GitHub and go to the PostHog repo.
  2. Click the ⭐️ icon. Hint: it's in the top right corner.
  3. That's it. We'll donate on your behalf!

On the morning of Tuesday, February 15, we'll count up how many stars we've gained and contact the projects above to make the donations. We'll quickly verify the stars are legitimate (see small print below).

Why are we doing this?

PostHog is an open-source project and our team is proud to be part of the open-source community. We wanted to take this week as an opportunity to celebrate and support the open-source community in a meaningful way.

Also, getting people who care about open-source projects to star our repo is of course beneficial to us - it'll give us an opportunity to reach a relevant new audience of people who are likely to benefit from using PostHog. If we get enough stars, we may feature on GitHub Trending, which also helps us to reach a wider audience.

The small print

  1. There's a maximum donation of $50,000 in total
  2. The total sum of donations shall be divided equally between projects
  3. Donations are at the discretion of PostHog and all decisions are final
  4. Donations are in addition to our usual, ongoing open-source sponsorship

Support the projects that make PostHog possible by heading to the PostHog repo and starring it today! We'll donate $5 for every star between now and through to the end of Valentine's Day!

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