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We help customers understand "the why" behind data and metrics in PostHog. Our tools help customers re-create, analyze, and understand the experience of individual users.

We build the heads-up display within your product

Q1 2024 Goals

🎯 Goal 1: 10 Happy Android Replay Users

We'll also release an alpha of iOS Mobile Replay.


We've done the work's base and now we want to release the new Android SDK with session replay and onboard customers to validate the product.

🎯 Goal 2: People love replay even more

Why? - we want this product to be fit for everyone and understand where it doesn't spark joy and how we can increase the value people receive and feel.

🎯 Goal 3: First-class mobile support in

Why? We're making the mobile SDKs equivalent to the web SDKs. We want to make sure that the mobile SDKs are first-class citizens in so that it is easy to use and explore your mobile data.

Follow along in our Q1 MegaIssue

Areas of responsibility

  • Session Replay - recording browser or mobile sessions to be replayed later
  • Toolbar - a floating helper on your web app that helps to toggle feature flags, display heatmaps and provide contextual analysis
  • Mobile SDKs - the knowledge to level these up are in our team
  • Notebooks - a way to explore your data in a free format environment, for example to add comments to a session replay

A note on notebooks

(pun intended)

We own Notebooks the platform, but we aren't actively working on it while it beds in and customers show us what they use it for. We'll provide bugfixes to notebooks (the platform) and support to teams wanting to change their products in notebooks. But feature requests for existing products within notebooks (e.g. insights in notebooks) go to the team that own the product not to us.

Slack channel


Feature ownership

You can find out more about the features we own here

What we're building

  • Android session recording

    There are many recording tools out there for web and different tools for mobile -- but few for both. So, we are considering a mobile recording solution for Android devices.


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