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  • Ben White

    Team lead

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Paul D'Ambra

    Software Engineer


Makers everywhere make the right decisions by understanding their users' behavior. Session Replay is just the beginning...


Goal 1 - Finish the 80:20 of Session Replay

Why? - The core product of this team, we want to ensure that it works well and is available to our customers. We have a lot of other things we want to do but we need to make sure we have a solid foundation to build on. At a minimum this covers our new ingestion and storage system, the V2 of our recording JS and the ability to record on mobile.

Goal 2 - Notebooks MVP

Why? - We proved to ourselves that our Notebooks concept is a strong way to tie multiple areas of PostHog together. Getting this foundational feature up and running will allow us and the community to build it further and extend PostHog.

Goal 3 - Errors MVP

Why? - We know that one of the strongest use cases for Replay is to understand what the user experience and journey was leading up to an exception. With the platform of PostHog we are well placed to build out a strong error tracking and analysis product, tightly integrated with the rest of PostHog.

Output metrics

  • Number of recordings viewed per customer - (people are finding useful insights)
  • Percentage of users per organisation viewing recordings - (teams are more successful due to replay)
  • Revenue from Replay product

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Feature ownership

You can find out more about the features we own here

What we're building

  • iOS session recording

    There are many recording tools out there for web and different tools for mobile -- but few for both. So, we are considering a mobile recording solution for iOS devices.



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