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Team members

  • Charles Cook

    Team lead

    Operations & Marketing

  • Lottie Coxon

    Graphic Designer

  • Joe Martin

    Product Marketer

  • Andy Vandervell

    Content Marketer

  • Ian Vanagas

    Technical Content Marketer


Increase the number of ICP visitors to our website

Q2 2023 Goals

  • Objective:

    • Expand PostHog’s top of funnel awareness across all our core individual products - product analytics, session recording, feature flags, and A/B testing.
  • Key Results:

    • Increase overall weekly website traffic to 27k unique visitors per week (filtering out viral spikes).
    • Increase ‘first user in org’ signups to 600 per week without decreasing the percentage that are ICPs (20-25%).
    • Make Tutorials our 3rd most visited section (after Docs and Blogs)
    • Increase number of subscribers to Product for Engineers to 1,500
    • Get 200 orgs to sign up to the startup deal
    • Increase 28 day YouTube watch time to 227 hours
  • Rationale:

    • We frequently get brand mentions where people are saying ‘Amplitude, Mixpanel or PostHog’. We want them to also say things like ‘LaunchDarkly or PostHog’, ‘FullStory or PostHog’, and 'Optimizely or PostHog'.
    • While SEO remains very important to us, we want to diversify our audience slightly so we are not so dependent on it as a single channel as a defensive move, especially if there are AI-related changes to search in future. Building things like our newsletter, YouTube channel, and our startup community will help us do this.
    • While tutorials often do not drive top of funnel awareness for people who have never heard of PostHog, they will help drive awareness of other products once users are signed up to PostHog.
  • Anti-goals

    • Trying a new channel. Working on community. Working with developer influencers. TikTok.

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