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Maximize the number of people who get value out of PostHog, and help them realize and leverage all the value we offer.

What the Growth team does

  • Sign up and authentication
  • Activation
    • Global onboarding flow
    • Develop tooling for individual product onboarding and activation
    • Help product teams leverage the tooling to create best-in-class onboarding & activation flows for their products
    • Improve cross-product pollination
  • Product led growth
    • Develop new products and strategies to increase top of funnel
  • Anything billing
    • Billing infrastructure
    • Pricing & self-serve revenue (in collaboration with each product team)
    • Revenue reporting
  • Internal metrics reporting (company scorecard)

Q3 2023 objectives

  • Objective 1: Starting to use and paying for new products feels frictionless
    • Reasoning: We swung too far from plans (where there was only one upgrade to do) to individual product upgrades, so now starting to use an additional product feels unnecessarily friction-ful. We want to keep the benefits of the latter but the similicity of the former.
    • KR: We have separate onboarding for each product
    • KR: People don’t have to “upgrade” to different products, they just turn it on or start using it in some way.
  • Objective 2: Customers can pay a reasonable price for the value they’re receiving
    • Reasoning: We're charging too much for some products (eg product analytics) and too little for others (eg feature flags).
    • KR: Billing limits -> billing alerts
      • So customers can continue to receive the value they want, but are aware of higher costs (and thus the need to tune their implementation)
    • KR: Make sure rollout of new product analytics pricing goes well
    • KR: Feature Flags pricing is launched, as well as Data Warehouse and CDP, if they are ready for launch

How to work with the Growth team

In addition to covering specific areas of the product, members of the Growth team can temporarily join other small teams to execute jointly on growth-related tasks. This can be done by requesting help during Sprint planning, or at the beginning of the Quarter during the OKR definition phase.

Feature ownership

You can find out more about the features we own here

What we're building

Check out the company roadmap to see what we're working on next!


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