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Introducing Notebooks for PostHog

Dec 19, 2023

Today we’ve released a major change, dubbed PostHog 3000, which updates the look and feel of PostHog dramatically. You can read all about what’s changed and why in Cory’s post about the redesign.

Suffice to say that the new version has a lot to offer. It’s got dark mode! It’s got data density! It’s got side panels! It’s got... notebooks?

Notebooks is a brand new feature, available to all users for free. Think of it as an ever-present place to collect data from within PostHog, explore it, add context, and even share with others.

Notebooks help in a wide variety of typical tasks, or workflows.

Investigating a bug report? Drag and drop session replays into a scratchpad and watch them as normal, or add timestamped comments to break things down.

Researching a new idea? Collect insights and add them to your proposal seamlessly, alongside survey results or cohorts.

Planning a launch? Embed the feature flags, events, persons, or cohorts you’ll need to deploy changes and track success.

Or, obviously, you can use a notebook as just a daily scratchpad. This is actually the default behavior, whereby a freshly opened notebook will persist only in the browser until you save it.

There’s no limit to how many notebooks you can create, or how you can share them within your organization. Colleagues can even collaborate with you by adding to a notebook, though we block multiplayer editing to stop things getting too messy.

We’ve been testing notebooks internally and with some users for the past few weeks, and have found they’ve already become indispensable to the way we work. We’ve created notebooks for running engineering sprints, tracking marketing activities, investigating errors, and even monitoring feature adoption.

Best of all, we’re just getting started. We have a lot more planned for notebooks, including more templates, more sharing options, and built-in cheatsheets to help you get even more from PostHog. We’d love to know any feedback or ideas you have — or you can just jump straight in and start creating your own notebooks immediately.