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Our mission is to

"Increase the number of successful products in the world."

Our vision for 2023 is:

“Everyone building a product has a clear path to making it successful without losing control of their data.”

Our roadmap for the second half of 2021 will do three things:

  1. Diagnosing causes
  2. Collaboration
  3. Easy to deploy, maintain, and extend
  4. Experimentation

1. Diagnosing causes

We've already shipped an incredibly powerful funnels product this year. However, as soon as you can see people dropping off in your funnel all you want to know is "why?".

We aim to build a suite of tools that enable you two answer this question of why through multiple methods:

  • Individual Qualitative: Observing session recordings and surveying users
  • Aggregated Qualitiative: Combining together hundreds of sessions to review behaviors of successful and unsuccessful users at scale
  • Quantitative: Analyzing patterns of successful and unsuccessful users to highlight clear opportunities to improve your product

2. Collaboration

As larger teams and more complex organizations grow on PostHog, they need to work together to share insights and make decisions. Our focus on collaobration is key, not only to improve the quality and quantity of insights every user gets from PostHog, but also to ensure that users of PostHog get access to only the sensitive data which they need to access, ensuring user privacy.

Collaboration is also key to ensure all team members (including those less-technical) can access, interpret, and share insights about their product.

3. Easy to deploy, scale, and extend

We now offer ClickHouse to everyone as a way to super-scale your PostHog deployment - and unlock a ton of new more complex analytics capabilities (e.g. breakdowns in funnels). We intend to continue to focus on making PostHog easier to deploy and maintain for everyone hosting themselves.

We are continually investing in performance an reliability to ensure that PostHog can scale further and further without diminishing performance for our users.

We see a ton of usecases, like integrating PostHog into an existing data warehouse, pulling in stats from other APIs, and pushing data into other services.

There will be work on three main fronts:

  • Building plugins ourselves
  • Giving our community the tools to create their own
  • Promote adoption of these plugins

4. Experimentation

In order to validate the impact of any change you make, its key to be able to measure the effects on the metrics you care about. We intend aim to provide the foundational tools you need to run an A/B or multi-variate test and get a feel for how confident you can be about the results being positive or negative, without overcomplicating the experience with lots of raw and complex statistical analysis techniques.