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  • Simon Fisher

    Team lead

    Customer Success

  • Cameron DeLeone

    Customer Success


Grow and retain customers who fit our Ideal Customer Persona.


  • Own initial inbound contact requests from the website
  • Deliver compelling product demonstrations
  • Assist users in getting up and running with the product, introducing the right PostHog people at the right time
  • Make it easy to become a paying customer
  • Ensure long term success with PostHog

Q2 2023 Goals

  • Objective 1: Retain and grow our hands-on ($20k ARR+) Customer base
    • Reasoning: We are primarily focused on growth and retention and so we should measure ourselves on that.
      • KR: Finish Q2 with 20 more $20k+ ARR customers
      • KR: Add another 1 large customer on an annual plan ($240k+)
      • KR: No churn in $20k+ ARR customers who’ve paid 2x bills of >$1667
  • Objective 2: Automate our tech-touch customer base
    • Reasoning: This segment represents a significant % of our revenue and we should provide some service there.
      • KR: We can get accurate Churn prevention signals in Pocus for all paying customers and can automatically react to that with a campaign
      • KR: All paying customers know how to get help from us
      • KR: We hold biweekly ‘office hours’ calls open to all users to answer questions
  • Objective 3: Build our cross-sell muscle memory
    • Reasoning: We are going to unbundle products so we will need to understand what works and what doesn't.
      • KR: At least 2 hands-on customers pay for session recordings where they previously were not
      • KR: At least 2 hands-on customers have launched an experiment where they previously have not
      • KR: We have upsell tech-touch campaigns for recordings and experimentation
  • Objective 4: Improve CS processes
    • Reasoning: We need to be more data driven about where we focus to allow us to scale effectively.
      • KR: There is a unified view available to the whole company around the different customer messaging we have in place, and who is being targeted with it
      • KR: We have analysed the relationship between firmographic, role, usage and other data to further refine our ICP and messaging


Primarily brand new and existing users of our self-serve product

Output metrics

  • Revenue through conversion of high quality free sign-ups to paid
  • Existing customer retention


Be customer obsessed

People contact us because they have a problem that they need help with. Spend time understanding why they are talking to us and align all of your work with that. Regularly check in with yourself and the customer and ask whether you are helping them to solve their problem.

Go at the speed of the customer. If they want to move fast, we move fast. If they want to take their time, be ready for them when they need us.

Connect with Product

Customer feedback is a key part of our Product strategy. Ensure that your customer needs are represented back into our Product team.

Understand the roadmap and get customers excited about what's new and coming soon.

Be an expert

First and foremost, you should have a deep understanding of how our product is used by customers and how it benefits them. A deep level of expertise will allow you to share knowledge and insights which perhaps the customer had not yet considered. This will strengthen the adoption and trust the customer has in PostHog and our team.

Tell a story

Compelling product demonstrations aren't about features; they tell the story of how a product solves a problem or pain.

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