James Hawkins, Co-Founder and CEO

James spent the first 10 years of his career trying to be a professional cyclist. He used to do web development part time to make some money on the side.

One day, after another big crash, he got offered a full time job - he ended up bootstrapping an online marketing company, spending $MMs on paid ads and building a lot of software to optimize ad spends, to run a call center, and how to distribute data and manage ad spends dynamically.

After that, he moved to Arachnys, where he ended up becoming the VP Sales. He ran a team selling very large deals to big financial institutions.

Tim Glaser, Co-Founder and CTO

Tim has been coding for cash since he was 11, and full time since he was 16!

Tim met James at Arachnys where he was responsible for Research and Development.

Fun fact: Tim is actually Dutch, despite sounding British.

Marius Andra, Software Engineer

Marius released an analytics library on Hacker News a few weeks before PostHog launched. The very first recruiting email from PostHog went to him, and he said yes!

Marius is incredibly fast and holds the PostHog world record for the number of languages used in a week. He also runs Kea, which is used by PostHog for React state management.

Eric Duong, Software Engineer

Eric is a former entrepreneur and organized massive scale community cooking sessions, and recently graduated in mathematics from Yale.

We were so impressed by how proactive he is, and the quality of the design of his previous startup, that we couldn't help ourselves but get him on board!