Array 1.8.0

What's box-fresh in PostHog? Cumulative graphs, better paths, and an upgrade to our actions.

If you're self hosting and want these features - update your PostHog.

Release notes

Cumulative graphs

cumulative graphs

This feature is designed for startups.

We built it because we our own team had to create an investor presentation showing PostHog signups and realized that cumulative graphs can only go up and to the right. Just the thing for nailing that valuation!

Paths got more powerful

We decided that the paths functionality needed more polish. You can't quite see your face in it yet, but this week is a good step up.

Paths start point

Finally, you can start your paths on a specific page. Useful for when your landing page isn't your homepage, or when you're trying to remove some of the noise from the graph when you've lots of volume.

Paths filtering by properties

For sweet, sweet bonus points, our close-to-magical / hard-working developers worked in the ability to filter paths by properties.

This means you can understand how traffic from a particular URL, or users with a particular property are flowing through your application. Work out which ad campaign engaged users come from, know which teams are doing what, or just have a play.

Add property filters to actions + lots of improvements (#841)

Actions property filter

This toy just got shinier. When you create an action, you can now filter events by properties. Not only that, but this pull request also made it easier to create actions too - we saw lots of first time users getting stuck here during the onboarding sessions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Favorite issue

Sessions view

Thank you to PaoloC68 for this one.

The goal is to be able to see all the specific sessions that have taken place, their respective users, the time, activity, and much more. It was really cool to see a mockup design for this to help explain the context!

Weekly round up

PostHog news

In light of all graphs going up and to the right, we're looking to go from a team of 5 to >5. Would you like to n+1 this thing?

If you are proactive, fast and passionate about code - email We are remote first, open source and in need of fast, founder-mentality proactive developers.

If you're a UX or designer - reach out to We've got a fancy new logo and rebrand planned. We'd love someone to take the wheel.

In other news, we're getting closer to a new logo and brand. It's '80s and hedgehog inspired. That'll take a few more weeks to appear, but watch this space.