Another week, another PostHog Array. We're steadily working towards parity with other tools. This week's highlights include a new website, multiple dashboards, a sleek new design and breaking down by cohorts.

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Release notes

Multiple dashboards

multiple dashboards

It's now possible to have multiple dashboards. This can help you organize your graphs and let people have their own personal dashboards. You can also pin important dashboards so they're easily accesible to anyone in your organization.

In the next release, you'll even be able to resize, re-order and pick your own color for graphs.

New website

new website

PostHog has a new home! With improved design and super simple instructions on how to get started with PostHog. Our docs and handbook are also integrated for easy access, and the whole thing is run on Gatsby, because we <3 other open source projects.

This makes it easier for the community to propose changes at the website repo.

Dark-er mode

dark sidebar

PostHog is now a lot prettier, with a sleek dark sidebar.

Break down by cohort

breakdown cohort

You were already able to create cohorts, but now you can use them in trends to find out exactly what your users are doing and how certain groups compare to others.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Favorite issue

Dev toolbar ideas

The PostHog team is busy working out how to present all the information in PostHog while you're developing. Feel free to add your own ideas here!

Weekly round up

PostHog news

We’re growing rapidly, and we’re constantly expanding our team. We’re looking for a strong devops engineer to join us. If that sounds like you, please email [email protected]

We are also looking for a really strong designer / UX person! Email James if this sounds like it's for you!