Array 1.21.0

PostHog is an open source product analytics platform designed to help you understand customers, quantify value, and ship new features faster.

Array 1.21.0

PostHog is an open source product analytics platform designed to help you understand customers, quantify value, and ship new features faster.

Release 1.21 is a big one, on top of exciting new features and improvements, we put extra time into the overall stability of PostHog squashing dozens of issues. Some highlights of this release:

  • New: Our new navigation is out of beta and available to all
  • New: assign Feature Flags to multiple groups of users
  • New: Plugins UI and new Taxonomy plugin
  • Improvement: to Insight query caching
  • Improvement: to Session Recording filters

We received a lot of great feedback and issue reports and over this release cycle we fixed hundreds of issues, polishing our UI, squashing bugs, and significantly improving our performance.

Make sure to upgrade to get the new features, improvements and fixes.

Release Notes

If you're self-hosting and want to upgrade for a better experience and new features, remember to update your PostHog instance.

New Navigation For All

New Nav

While this might not be news to all of you, we have now released our new navigation to everyone.

We had this behind a feature flag, but now all our users have access to our fresh "spaceship-like" navigation. What do you think? 🚀

Refreshing Insights

Refreshing Insights

To provide a smooth user experience, we cache query results so that you don't have to wait for a query to run every time you view a chart.

This has the side effect that sometimes you'll be looking at slightly outdated results. We made improvements to clearly indicate when you're looking at a cached result, when it was computed, and allow you to refresh.

Session Recording Filters

Session filters

Our session recording filters just got so much more powerful. Filter by session duration, user properties, unseen recordings, actions performed in a session, and so much more.

You can now get a lot more out of your session recording sessions by tailoring the recordings to specific areas of your product you're looking into.

For a start, how about integrating PostHog with Sentry and watching all recordings with an $exception event in them?

Multiple Groups in Feature Flags

Feature Flag Multiple Groups

Feature flags can now be rolled out to multiple different groups that use distinct settings, unlocking a whole new world of opportunities for your A/B testing and feature rollout processes.

For example, you can now roll out feature flags like this:

  • 100% of users in the 'Beta Testers' cohort
  • 40% of all your users
  • All users in a specific team that requested the feature from you

The filters and rollout percentages can be adjusted per group, giving you greater control degree of how you build and test your products.

A New Plugins UI with Brand New Features

Plugins UI

A lot has happened to our plugins feature since the last release, including:

  • An improved UI
  • The ability to reorder plugins
  • The ability to upgrade plugins (and see exactly what changed between plugin versions)
  • Autofill on commonly used plugin configuration fields
  • A new plugin configuration field type, letting plugin builders specify pre-determined choices for the user to select from
  • A ton of performance improvements

Taxonomy Plugin

Taxonomy Plugin

Standardize your event names into a single naming pattern by converting the names of your events that don't match your desired pattern into the chosen format, such as camelCase or snake_case.

Bitbucket Release Tracker Plugin (Beta)

Bitbucket Plugin

Get your Bitbucket release tags into PostHog as annotations on your graphs, so you can track the impact of releases on your metrics.

User Interviews

We’re working hard to improve PostHog and would love to talk to you about your experience with the product.

If you're interested in helping us out, you can schedule a quick 30-min call with us on Calendly.

Oh, and we're giving away some awesome PostHog merch as a thank you!

Favorite Issue

Darkmode Design + UX

We're redesigning Dark Mode for our Docs - can ya dig it?

PostHog News

Sean has joined us to lead our marketing efforts and we're super excited.

He is a developer with an impressive background in open source software and game development and believes (correctly) that pineapple and pizza must not commingle.

Community Shoutouts

Big thanks to the following members of our community who have contributed to PostHog over this release cycle:

Community MVP

A special shoutout goes to cpankajr, our Community MVP for this release cycle, for helping us say goodbye to the pandas and numpy bloat in our images.

Open Roles

Are you a Fullstack Engineer, Senior Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Customer Success Lead, or Content Writer?

Or perhaps you're not either but think you'd still be a good fit for PostHog?

We want you!

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

In addition to the highlights listed above, we also merged a bunch of PRs improving PostHog's performance and fixing bugs: