Array 1.2.0

Big new integration - PostHog now has a library for iOS!

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Release notes

PostHog iOS Library

You can now capture events in your iOS app and send them to PostHog. It automatically captures screen changes, and you can capture events as per usual

Marius has been working on a lot of our libraries (starting with Ruby) but we knew that our mobile support was a big gap.

See our iOS docs for how to install it on your app.

Session Information

You can now see exactly how much time people are spending on your app using sessions. There’s two modes: “Average session length”, which shows you how long sessions are and how many, and “distribution” which makes it super easy to spot whether sessions are uniformly distributed or whether there are outliers.

So far engagement metrics have focused on repeated actions or the volume of page views – we still think Stickiness, Active users are very valuable but this adds another dimension.

Filtering funnels by properties

In addition to the changes last week on funnels so that they work like /trends you can also apply properties to your funnels to narrow down conversion metrics by anything you like.

Performance updates

  • Added indexes so loading /trends is super fast, even with millions of events.
  • We have offloaded storing events to workers, so that calls to our events API are non-blocking, and you can scale insertion of events independently from the rest of PostHog.
  • Removed drf-yasg in favor of our own hosted docs.
  • As part of our design push Eric got the next branch out with the Ant design layout tweaking some of those aspects.

Favorite issue

Running locally with docker

We had instructions ready to run PostHog locally but had not prioritized doing local development with Docker.

Thank you Viperfx for requesting this.

We are very keen to see enhancements that are not part of our parity project, please keep them coming.

PR of the week

Removing drf-yasg in favor of new docs website

Thank you to SanketDG for another pr that has helped ensure we fixed an issue raised by another user maximmarakov, it’s great to see the community fix ad hoc issues especially ones that might not directly be related to new features but ensuring our docs and instructions are up to date for other users.

Repo round up

  • 98.css (Whilst looking at a new design system, there was one vote to go super old school on the UI)
  • Avatarify (More fun to be had with video call being the norm, photorealistic avatars for Skype and Zoom)
  • Teonite T-shirts (Aaron has been creating PostHog T-shirts this week and was intrigued by an Open Source T-shirt project – although the PostHog design is very different)

PostHog news

PostHog gets bigger every week! Not just in terms of new users and feature updates – we’re also excited to have Marius join – he was one of the first contributors but has done a stunning amount in a short time.