Array 1.16.0

Following our largest release to date, we are now back on a more regular release schedule. And, given that scalability was the focus of the previous release, we thought it was time for some fresh new features.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Release Notes

If you're self-hosting and want to upgrade for a better experience with nicer features, remember to update your PostHog instance.

Session Recording (Beta)

Session Recording Page Screenshot

Given that our mission at PostHog is to increase the number of successful projects in the world, session recording felt like a feature that fits in perfectly with that goal.

PostHog already provides various features to help you understand and improve your UX - but watching real users use your product is a whole other ball game.

With PostHog's session recording, you are able to truly feel the pain points of your users first-hand, seeing where they get stuck, debugging exceptions faster, and making your UX smoother.

Session Recording Screenshot

Additionally, you can do so while still preserving the privacy of your users, by determining what shouldn't be captured, as well as being able to turn session recording on and off as you wish.

However, please note that our session recording feature is in Beta at the moment. This means that it can be unstable and have bugs. To report bugs you find while using it, please open an issue for us on GitHub.

Plugins (Beta)

Plugins Screenshot

Plugins is another Beta feature that we're extremely excited for. Currently only available for self-hosted instances, plugins allow you to add additional logic to your event processing pipeline, in order to do things like enrich your data or send it somewhere else, like a data warehouse.

At the moment, we have created a few example plugins for you to test out the functionality, and have the intention of launching more for the next release. We will also be launching tutorials on how to make your own plugins, so stay tuned for that.

As of right now, if you're on a self-hosted instance, you should head over to 'Project' -> 'Plugins' to enable the functionality. You can start testing it out with our "Hello World" plugin, which adds a property to your events called foo with a value that is up to you to decide in setup.

We also have built plugins for currency normalization and GeoIP data, allowing you to convert currency values in events according to up-to-date exchange rates and determine the location of an event based on the user's IP.

Our overall vision for plugins is to enable seamless integration with other relevant data analytics platforms, as well as allow users to more easily customize PostHog's functionality by adding their own logic and data to the event pipeline.

Finally, as is the case with session recording, please report any bugs in the functionality on GitHub.

Multiple Projects

Multiple Projects Screenshot

You asked and we delivered!

As per feedback from many in our community, PostHog now offers support for managing multiple projects under one "umbrella" organization.

This allows you to segregate concerns, such as keeping tracking for your dev and prod environments separately, as well as track multiple domains and apps without mixing data.

In addition, we also enhanced our invite and permissioning system as a by-product of this feature.

As this is an Enterprise Edition feature, please contact us at if you are interested in using it.

Dashboard Templates

Dashboard Templates Screenshot

In order to make it easier to create valuable dashboards to keep track of your business metrics, PostHog now offers the option to create new dashboards based on a template. We will be expanding the power of dashboard templates, but, as of right now, you can already create a dashboard using our web app dashboard template, which provides you with a good starting point for determining and tracking relevant metrics.

Setup Improvements

Google Login Screenshot

In addition to GitHub and GitLab authentication, PostHog now supports signup and login with Google accounts!

We also improved our setup process by better structuring our settings pages, allowing you to change your project's token, and enhancing the UX for empty states on dashboards.

Documentation Level Up

Docs Screenshot

We have been working hard to improve our product documentation and had a few big upgrades recently:

  • Our Docs now have a Dark Mode option
  • You can search our entire documentation without ever using your mouse
  • We are actively releasing new tutorials on how to use PostHog to track key metrics and improve your product
  • Our Docs pages now load faster
  • New screenshots have been added throughout the Docs, as well as functionality walkthrough videos

...and a lot more!

If you have any suggestions for new tutorials or improvements to our documentation, do not hesitate to let us know!

User Interviews

We’re working hard to improve PostHog and would love to talk to you about your experience with the product.

If you're interested in helping us out, you can schedule a quick 30-min call with us on Calendly.

Oh, and we're giving away some awesome PostHog merch as a thank you!

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

In addition to the main features mentioned above, we also merged multiple PRs improving PostHog's performance and fixing bugs:

Favorite Issue

Plugins Epic

Originally built over the span of a few days at an internal hackathon, our plugins feature has since undergone massive refactors and improvements.

As a result, the linked issue has the following gem, as well as an in-depth discussion (AKA monologue) about the implementation, which is extremely informative:

Gallery Failed Plugins

PostHog News

Charles joined our ops team to fix anything and everything that has ever been broken at PostHog. Akin to a mythical creature, he puts out fires on our ops roadmap, handles our Fax division, and even submits pull requests (see: everyone codes).

Even more importantly, pineapples are 404 on Charles' pizzas, making him an illustrious member of the "common sense" group of the PostHog core team. The number of people who appreciate a good pizza has now decidedly surpassed the number of Estonians in the company (3-2).

Open Roles

Are you a Designer or Fullstack Engineer?

Or perhaps you're not either but think you'd still be a good fit for PostHog?

We want you!