Array 1.11.0

Annotations, filtering all functionality by cohorts, retention table filtering and many, many bugfixes. It's all in this PostHog update.

If you're self hosting and want these features - update your PostHog.

Please also update your posthog-js version to at least 1.3.4 if you have it installed via NPM. If you're using the snippet, you're good to go!

Release notes



Digging through git commits to find out what changed to make the graphs go hay-wire? No more! You can now annotate when something happened (a big release, a bugfix or a launch) and make it super easy for your team-mates to figure out what's going on.

Cohort filters

cohort filter

Anywhere you can filter, you can now filter on cohorts as well. The first contribution by our newest member of the team, Michael!

Retention table filtering

retention filter

We added retention the retention table last week but we're not done with it yet. This week Kacppian, a fervent contributor, added filtering, which combined with the cohort filtering is very powerful.

We'll be adding more improvements in the next release!

Many toolbar fixes.


As we talked about last week, we've opened the toolbar for beta access. The toolbar will give you things like heatmaps and stats, right on your own website.

Thanks for the feedback on our feedback ticket. We've already solved many issues and are working hard towards a full release. Please add onto that ticket if you have any more!.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Favorite issue

Stacked line charts

The inkt was barely dry on this issue before Kacppian picked it up. Look for this feature in the next release!

Weekly round up

PostHog news

James (our tallest co-founder) had a baby girl called Ruby! The first PostHog baby, though there's already another one in the pipeline!

We've also welcomed Michael to the team full-time, and Max is going to join us over the summer.

Open roles

Full stack or growth engineers - we want you!

We've also started looking for a Ops type person - someone that can take charge of the operational side of a quickly growing, completely remote company.