PostHog is Now Available on Segment!

We're happy to announce that PostHog is now available as a destination on Segment.

Segment is a platform that works as an integrated data pipeline to facilitate the entire data collection and analysis process for your product.

Segment Banner
"Segment is a customer data platform that makes good data accessible for all teams." (Image from Segment Docs)

The idea is that multiple sources of data can be integrated via one single platform and delivered to the desired Product Analytics tools all in one continous flow.

For example, if you have both an app and a website and your Marketing and Engineering teams use different tools and data to make decisions, Segment can make that integration process much simpler for you.

Instead of integrating each data collection platform (source) with product analytics tool (destination), you just set up Segment and it does the rest, delivering the appropriate data collected from each source to the right destination.

Segment Pipeline
Sources → Segment → Destinations (Image from

Given that Segment is a great tool which we're big fans of ourselves, we're very excited that PostHog can now be integrated as a destination on their platform.

With this integration, you're now able to seamlessly integrate PostHog into whatever data workflow you are currently using, without harming any of the processes you already have in place.

Also, if you eventually decide that you want to do all your analytics on a platform that is more private, customizable, and transparent, you can perform the transition from your current platforms to PostHog with ease.

Are you convinced yet? Ready to start your journey with a self-hosted open source platform?

If so, check out our new Docs page about integrating PostHog with Segment.