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Jul 21, 2021

Introducing Phil Leggetter, our new head of Developer Relations

Mo Shehu
Mo Shehu

We’re proud to announce a new hire; Phil Leggetter will head up Developer Relations at PostHog.

Developer relations sits at the intersection of product development, engineering, and marketing. The role serves communities of core and secondary customers through content, tutorials, events, and sponsorships. At PostHog, we’ve been blessed with a highly engaged community of contributors, and we hope to improve our product to suit our users’ needs over the long run.

Before joining PostHog, Phil managed developer relations at tru.ID (a mobile authentication platform), Vonage (a communications API company), Nexmo (later acquired by Vonage), Pusher, and other tech startups (see his LinkedIn profile for a full list). While at Nexmo, he built the developer relations team to 42 diverse, inclusive, and multifunctional individuals who worked everywhere from San Francisco to Singapore. He has also written a book on real-time web sockets, is currently reviewing another book on developer relations, and is now an advisor at several startups.

Over the next few months, Phil aims to help our users get the most out of PostHog through deeper engagement with external communities, making PostHog even more transparent with regular events, and increasing opportunities for users to connect with the PostHog team.

The highly organized father of three works out of his color-coordinated shed in Dollar, a small town in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, helping savvy companies build engaged communities across the dev world. A consummate gamer and techno-dance fan who admits he once obsessed over NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, Phil also used to be into soccer, going so far as to create a website in 2006 called ‘Bring Back Beckham’ after David Beckham was dropped from the England squad. On a non-soccer-related front, Phil has also tweaked the popular AARRR framework to ‘AAARRRP’, helping companies map their business goals to what dev relations can do for them.

You can find Phil online on GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn, and his website.

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