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A funnel insight with 3 steps showing how many users dropped off during a sign-up flow
A hedgehog looking at product analytics

Product analytics

  • Funnels
  • Graphs & trends
  • User paths
  • Stickiness
  • Lifecycle
  • Retention
  • SQL

These folks build products users want with

8+ products in one

Trade in your product & data stack for a single platform – where everything is built to work together.

Product engineering has never been so lit.

Hogflix mobile

SDKs for web and mobile

Web (frontend)

Use autocapture to collect client-side events without any special instrumentation.

Server-side libraries

Capture server-side events - best used in conjunction with a frontend web library

Mobile libraries

Send custom events and identify users. Record mobile sessions and use feature flags.

Browse all libraries

Mmmm, code examples

Here's what you can do with the PostHog JS code snippet and your product.

(Not using JavaScript?)

Warning: You'll hate PostHog if...

  • You enjoy "jumping on a quick call" with sales

    Sorry, we don't force you to talk to anyone. But you can watch a recorded demo (at your own pace) or request a personalized demo if you like.

  • You love needlessly wasting company money

    We only have usage-based pricing that decreases exponentially with scale.

  • You'd rather buy before you try

    We offer a free tier so large that only a fraction of our customers pay us anything. Even worse, we continually try to reduce our pricing.

  • You think your email is a good trade for that free whitepaper

    Please press Ctrl + W now, or ask your network administrator to close your window.

  • You give out your credit card details to strangers

    You'd rather buy a product you've never used instead of a generous free trial?

  • You're desperate for commitment

    Sadly, we don't offer annual contracts (unless you ask for one).

  • You loathe new features, and bug fixes

    Unfortunately we release new updates weekly.

  • You'd rather buy disparate tools and mangle them together

    Apologies. Our focus is for you to engineer your product, not your data.

  • You like buying a whole product suite to get access to one tool

    Alas we don't force people to buy stuff they don't use. We suit people who want to pay by product.

  • You think CSMs are your friends

    Honey, those emails are automated.

  • You enjoy sitting through hours of training more than using the product

    No training is required to use PostHog, though we have plenty of docs and guides if you need some guidance.

  • Data privacy isn't a big deal to you. (GDP-what now?)

    Get cookie-less tracking, regional hosting, and raw database access.

  • Networking events are your things

    We put on an event once. It was a disaster. Never again.

  • You love being out of the loop

    We publish our roadmap, strategy, and company handbook.

  • Your CRM is a Rolodex

    We don't even use phones, though we do have a fax number for legal and compliance reasons.


We built PostHog on our API. This means you get full access to anything you want with your event and customer data that's ingested by PostHog. Here are some examples.

  • feature_flags

    Evaluate feature flags from anywhere

    If you don't use one of our SDKs, you can get a flag status for a user from the API on-the-fly.

  • insights

    Pull basic site stats from saved insights

    Show stats like active users, pageviews, or number of daily signups (like we use near the bottom of this page!).

  • insights

    User-facing analytics

    Build your own visualizations of insights within your own app or internal dashboard.

  • persons

    Read/write user properties and display in your app

    Use PostHog as an external database by storing/reading user data and showing it in their user profile.

  • cohorts

    Add high-value users to a cohort

    If you're running Clearbit on new signups, you can automatically add them to a cohort based on criteria from enrichment services.

  • annotations

    Notate when a feature is released

    Annotations are useful for understanding inflection points in insights. You can programmatically create annotations like when a PR is merged.

Explore the API


HogQL is our translation layer over ClickHouse SQL. Use HogQL expressions to use JOINs and subqueries, filter event lists, and write complex queries (that aren't supported by the PostHog UI) to analyze data in any way you want.

A hog standing in front of mission control controls

For example...

  • Double (or even triple?) breakdowns

    concat(,' ; ',properties.$current_url)
  • Advanced date filtering, relative times, weekly/monthly reports

  • Custom SQL insights directly accessing data

  • Custom scoring or "group/bin" events

  • NPS score, superhuman score calculations

  • Access JSON, object, list data

Learn more about HogQL

Join our open source community

We work in the open. Check out our company strategy, business model, or even our source code.


One platform, thousands of use cases

PostHog grows with you – from startups to growth stage and beyond.

  • Drake Hog

    Replaces the modern data stack

    With 8+ products on one platform, you'll spend less time engineering your data integrations and more time building your product.

  • Ballmer Hog

    Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials!

    Our community members use PostHog in ways we never imagined. (Some have even built entire products on our API.) Maybe we’ll write about yours next?

  • Graduate Hog

    Guides for hockey-stick growth

    We cover how products like ours went from pre-revenue to $100 million ARR - all in the open.

Full control of your customer data

  • Privacy controls

    Track users without cookies, anonymize users, configure a reverse proxy

  • Choose your hosting location

    Store user data in the US or EU depending on your needs

  • Full access to customer data

    API offers total access to customer and event data

  • Check out the source code

    Audit the entire PostHog codebase on GitHub for compliance or just peace of mind

US Cloud

Hosted in Virginia

EU Cloud

Hosted in Frankfurt

We ship
weirdly fast

(How else could we have done all this?)

Major new feature
Company news
Something cool happened
Here's what's cookin', good lookin'

The future of PostHog depends on you

We publish our product roadmap. Tell us what we should build next – and get early access.

Under consideration
  • No-code A/B test visual editor
  • Feature flags for Java
  • Threshold-based alerting
  • PostHog Cloud SQL access
In progress
  • Session replay for Android
  • PostHog CDP
  • Data warehouse
  • Replays linked to feature flags
A billboard with Dalton Caldwell extolling how great PostHog is

Startup program

Get to product market-fit with the most popular analytics toolkit used by YC startups

  • Huuuuge free tier

    30M events tracked + 50K recordings free, per month

  • Exclusive founder merch

    Now you can look as lit as our engineers

  • Pre-product/market fit guides

    We literally wrote a book on how to get product-market fit

  • Used and recommended by
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