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Net promoter score (NPS) survey

Industry benchmark for user's perception of your product

NPS rating scale

Users can rate their likelihood to recommend your product or service on a scale from 0 (not likely at all) to 10 (extremely likely).

Track your rating over time

Run repeated NPS surveys to learn how user perception of your product changes.

Getting started with NPS surveys

  • How to calculate your NPS score

    Subtract detractors (rated you 6 or below) from promoters (rated you 9 or 10). PostHog automatically does this for you.

  • What is a good NPS score

    Anything above 0 is good, above 20 is great, and above 50 is amazing.

  • When to do NPS surveys

    You should run NPS surveys to a selection of users every month or quarter to get an understanding of how their experience is changing.

  • What to do with your NPS score

    Understand what detractors are unhappy about, and work to improve that. Follow up by diving into analytics, session replays, and open feedback.