In-app feedback survey

Let your users share what's on their mind.

Open text box

Users can freely add their feedback, comments, or suggestions without constraints. Done easily in-app.

Learn what users are thinking

Get qualitative user feedback easily and learn what users think about your product.

Getting started with in-app feedback

  • Why is in-app feedback important?

    Making it easy for users to share their thoughts enables it to happen more. This means more qualitative information to help you build a better product.

  • When to ask for feedback

    The best time to ask for feedback is when users do something new, such as trying a new feature. This creates specific, actionable feedback.

  • How to get good responses

    Getting useful responses requires asking specific questions and avoiding leading users. Read more in our guide to product survey questions.

  • How to use feedback

    Use feedback to decide on areas to do more research, update your roadmap, or book follow up interviews.

To use this template, go to the Surveys tab, click the "New survey" button, and select the In-app feedback survey from the page.