Customer effort score (CES) survey

Find out if your users are having a hard time or not

Effort rating scale

Users rate the ease of their experience from 1 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy).

Understand the usability of your product

Provides insight into how challenging your product is at a glance.

Getting started with CES surveys

  • What's a good CES score?

    CES measures how difficult your product is to use on a 1-5 scale. Higher is better, and 4+ is considered a strong result.

  • Why is CES important?

    Studies have shown CES is a better indicator of customer loyalty than many other metrics and correlates to retention.

  • Tips for using CES surveys

    CES surveys reveal ease of use, but not overall value. They should be used alongside NPS surveys to get the full picture.

  • When to use CES surveys

    CES surveys are especially useful for new users, and work great when deployed after onboarding flows.