Customer data infrastructure

PostHog does that.

Product OS is the foundation that all PostHog products are built on.

Customer data infrastructure

Data warehouse

Use ours (powered by ClickHouse) or bring your own.

PostHog syncs with BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift with a couple clicks.

Event pipelines

PostHog ships with SDKs and a JavaScript snippet (with autocapture).

Pipelines make it possible to ingest data from sources like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk – and there’s loads more you can do with a Zapier app.


Build custom functionality or create bespoke views specific to your business needs

  • Data transformations

    Capture the live event stream and do something with it - like munge PII or add geolocation.

  • Data out

    Access data from dashboards or metrics from saved insights.

  • Data augmentation

    Augment event data coming into PostHog with more context and detail

  • Reverse ETL

    Update and feed context to external products like Hubspot or Salesforce

  • Build apps

    Develop custom functionality or choose from the 50ish apps in our 3rd party app library

  • Marketing or product automation

    Activate drip campaign or a push notification based on customer activity

  • Exclusion events

    Prevent specific events from appearing in a path

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Create a singular customer view by combining event and customer data in one place.

    • Autocapture

      Add PostHog.js to your website or web app to track all event data and retroactively define events

    • Annotations

      Add context around product updates ship or when website traffic spikes

    • Webhooks

      Get notifications for PostHog events in Slack, Teams, and more

    • Reverse proxy

      Send events to PostHog Cloud using your own domain

    • Warehouse sync

      Sync data with Segment or Rudderstack – or use PostHog's built in warehouse

    • Toolbar

      Add meaning to clicks and pageviews with a point and click

    • Synthetic events

      Retroactive merge multiple event definitions into a single action

Get started - free

First 1,000,000 events/mo are free.

Get started - free

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