Product-market fit (PMF) survey

How important is your app to users?

PMF Question

"How would you feel if you could no longer use us?" with options: "Not disappointed," "Somewhat disappointed," and "Very disappointed."

A key measure of product-market fit

The PMF survey has been used by many startups to measure how close they are to product-market fit. 40% of users saying "very disappointed" is a strong sign.

Getting started with PMF surveys

  • How do you calculate your product-market fit score?

    Divide the number of users who responded "very disappointed" by the total responses.

  • What's a good PMF score?

    40% of users saying "very disappointed" is a strong sign of product-market fit.

  • Why use the PMF survey?

    The PMF survey can give you an idea of your product-market fit over time. Shows if you are heading in the right (or wrong) direction.

  • When to run PMF surveys

    Use the PMF survey with existing users and run it monthly/quarterly. Use feedback to improve progress toward product-market fit.