Growth analytics dashboard

A dashboard that keeps getting bigger and bigger

All the growth metrics you need

From DAU to free/paid conversion, this dashboard has everything a growth team needs in one place.

From big numbers to small details

Keep an eye on the high-level, 90 day view and the tactical day-to-day data at the same time.

What's on this dashboard?

  • Sign-ups

    Track your cumulative sign-ups, and your day-to-day trends.

  • Acronyms

    Monitor DAU, MAU and all the other acronyms you need RN.

  • Conversion

    Visualize conversion rates, as ratios, trends, and funnels.

  • Revenue

    Track paying users, and your revenue separately for maximum detail.

To use this template, go to the Dashboards tab, click the "New dashboard" button, and select "Growth analytics dashboard" from the modal.