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Customer churn rate (CCR) survey

Find out if it was something that you said

Unsubscribe reason selection

Users can select from a list of predefined reasons for unsubscribing, such as "no longer needed", "found a better product", or "too difficult to use."

Capture valuable customer feedback

Users have the option to provide more detailed comments or suggestions regarding their decision to unsubscribe.

Getting started with churn surveys

  • What options should you provide?

    PostHog provides default answers for your survey, but it's best to customize them to what you have heard from customers previously.

  • Why are churn surveys important?

    Getting qualitative feedback on why someone churned helps prioritize how to prevent it.

  • Tips for churn surveys

    Set up multiple different churn surveys targeting different custom types or products to get more accurate results.

  • When to use churn surveys

    Churn surveys should be used as soon as possible after a customer churns to get their instant feedback. Some products even make them mandatory allowing users to churn.