AARRR pirate metrics

Acqusition, activation, retention, revenue, referral, me hearties

Performance, at a glance

Get a sense for how your entire product is performing in one dashboard. Identify emergencies at the earliest opportunity.

Also used by PostHog

We love AARRR metrics so much we even use them internally. We strongly recommend all teams track their AARRR pirate metrics.

What's on this dashboard?

  • Acquisition

    How many users are you getting, and where are they coming from? That's acquisition.

  • Activation

    Tracking activation helps you isolate onboarding issues from long term retention issues.

  • Retention

    Do you expect users to come back every day, week or month? Why? Let's find out.

  • Revenue & Referral

    What's the bottom line impact, and which users are helping you grow?